Slashstroke produced a range of commissioned projects across art, fashion and design. Many of these projects were fromed around collaborative creative activities with and public engagaement.

Slashstroke Projects
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/- Platform
Space Warp - London Design Week

A Slashstroke re-interpretation of an unextraordinary South Kensington bedsit. 
A collaboration with artists/designers Mireille Fauchon, Jasleen Kaur and Harriet Anstruther.

The public were invited to explore an altered space and to participate in creating images that in turn became part of the narrative of an unextraodinary space explored over a week. 

DNA swap

A project exploring cultural and creative DNA between communities and students in Moscow and London.
The project was presented in association with the Grad Gallery in London.
Over a period of 3 months students from two Design Universities, British School of Art and Design in Moscow and Fashion Communication at Middlesex in London swapped, shared and developed visual research with together that expressed their own perspective on creative DNA and influences. The project culminated in a showcase at the Grad Gallery London and the public were invited to bring along something personal that represented their own creative/cultural DNA, which could  then be combined with other material produced by the students.
Creating new shared narratives.
The Hackney Street Style School

A SLASHSTROKE project that aimed to make a real connection between East London Youth and industry by inviting Designers who’s work was inspired by or reflected aspects of ‘street style’ to donate outfits for a short period. Around this we operated workshops in photography, styling and image making offering a number of young participants a clear connection between creativity, productivity and aspiration. Creating a platform to further education, opportunities and career paths. 

In association with Create London, The Mill Co Project and  A New Direction
Joanne Hynes for Pretty Polly

A promotional video for Irish designer Joanne Hynes and Pretty Polly. 

Windchester  School of Art graduate showcase stand design.